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Your name is DIRK STRIDER and you’re very upset. You managed to both lose Roxy and Rose, which you had been trying not to do. You feel it is your duty to take care of them. Roxy especially, who is prone to getting into trouble when you’re not there to take care of her. 

You’re eight years old, you love ROBOTICS and PONIES, and if pressed, you would say that the reason you’re at Disneyland is to TAKE CARE OF YOUR FRIENDS, and to see MAXIMUS, the HORSE FROM TANGLED.

Pow! You activate your dear, sweet Huggy Bear with a big hug, and he springs to life.

Yeah. Totally cool.

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Of course! You’re a top sleuth. Now is one of the few times you’ve taken off your trusty fedora in the past… well, forever! 

You follow a trail of candy wrappers, right into—

Oh! Dirk! Finally, someone your own age. You brush yourself off from your little fall, and giggle at him.

GG: Thorry for the little thpill, Dirk!
GG: I’m afraid I’m hot on the trail of one Roxy Lalonde!
GG: Wanna help?
TT: Of course I’ll help. I brought dear, sweet Huggy Bear along with me.
TT: He’ll pick up the trail.

You’ve always privately thought of Huggy Bear as more of a Sebastian; nevertheless, you’re not sure how a stuffed bunny is going to help you find Roxy. Still, you’d love all the help you can get! And from such a lovely lad as Dirk, you can’t refuse.

GG: Thoundth like the mythtery ith clothe to being tholved! Let’th crack thith cathe, Thtrider!!
TT: All to happy to help, Crocker. I’ll lead the way.

That’s Dirk, for you! Always happy to take charge in stressful situations.  

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Your name is JANE CROCKER. You are eight years old, and you have BRACES. Because of this, you tend to thpeak with a horrible lithp. It’s okay! You’re assured that they’ll help CORRECT YOUR TEETH. The lisp will go away eventually! You enjoy BAKING, Princess TIANA, and being HELPFUL. 

That’s a good question! You know that Dirk is presumably trying to look out for both Roxy and his cousin Rose, and Jake is… well, doing Jake things. You’re on the lookout for Roxy, however, and nothing is going to stop you from finding her and buying her candy!

You immediately go off in search of your best friend, certain that your cousin and his best friend will be fine around the park. 

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EB: so, jane, do you wanna come with us?
GG: Oh, what?
EB: on the ride, do you want to go?
GG: Oh, well, I… Uhh…
GG: I…


GG: I was going to go buy Roxy thome candy! Thorry boys, you’ll have to enjoy the ride without me.
GG: Have fun you two! Be thafe! 
EB: okaaay, we will.

And with that, you two go your separate ways, with Jane going to find her best friend, and John going on a ride with his. 

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No way! You’re not a big dumb poophead like Dave, there’s no way you’re putting on a dress. Besides, your cousin already has the Minnie dress on, you don’t want to match with her.

EB: dave, what is your problem? have you even gone on any rides yet?
TG: i totally have
TG: i just dont want to go on that one
EB: ohhh, okay! i get it, you’re afraid.
TG: what no
EB: no, no, it’s fine dave! i understand being afraid of a big scary ride. you can just sit here and be a weenie all by yourself!
TG: …
TG: what did you just call me
EB: a weenie!
EB: it’s okay, everyone already knew you were a weenie, i just was saying it out loud.
EB: because you won’t ride this totally cool ride with me.
TG: i am not a weenie, you take that back
EB: weeeeenie.
EB: you’re such a weenie, that you should probably go to weenie hut juniors.
TG: oh that is it 
TG: lets go 

Hehehe. He always falls for being called a weenie. Now it’s time to ride some flipping rides!

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TG: oh but jane
TG: while egbert here looks like a total dork you look really cute
TG: good choice
GG: O-Oh! Oh my.
GG: Thank you! :B

She does look really cute. Also, you can’t resist a chance to call John a dork.

Also, you really don’t want to go on that Pinocchio ride. Anything to distract him.

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Platonic? That word is way too big for you to care about, especially since it has absolutely nothing to do with ghosts or cool rides. Besides, Dave is a big jerk. You can barely tolerate the guy!

But, still, he’s your best friend. And he does like sticking around you. You suppose you could hang out with him, if only because you feel sorry for him.

EB: uuuuugh. whatever dude. where’s your bro anyway?
TG: good question
TG: im pretty sure he went off to find roses mom
EB: well, i guess you can stick with dad and me. we were gonna go to pinnochio’s daring journey!
EB: wanna come?

Dave looks at you funny. You suppose he doesn’t want to go on the ride. Maybe he’s sick or something? Who knows.

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typo on rose and kanaya: montage page on the word "your"

[[that was on purpose. due to kanayas missing fang she pronounces r’s as w’s. that was the joke. sobs.—d]]

TG: so uhh
TG: what do you think
EB: of the dress?
EB: totally lame!! hahaha, i can’t believe you let your bro dress you up like that.
TG: hey, you let your dad dress you up
EB: hey!
TG: youre in matching outfits with your girlfriend minnie mouse over there
TG: you gonna smooch her or something

EB: dude, we’re cousins! gross!
TG: mickey and minnie mouse gotta smooch thats the rules
EB: shut up!

Just another day with your best bro.

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